kings and queens of COURT B

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Special Invitation

Boozers are boozing
At 13th Step this Thursday
We won't be ball kickin
But for sure cup flippin
Bring out your fun
Bring out the spunk
Cuz you're all invited to get crunk!

the ole' 1 3

Can't wait to get our
13th step on. Whoo hoo yea.
There are tots to eat

Tots and cheese are good
we'll claim that beer pong table
and sink cups Thursday.


I just had some fucking pizza with some meat on it.
It was the shit.
I want another slice, but I am nervous that I will vomit.
How do you feel?

Now I have pizza breath and it makes me happy and sad.
I won't breath heavy.
Pizza is a genius idea, I should have come up with it myself.
What will I eat later?

Crappy weather makes me want to punch Sam Champion.
What a douche.
Your uber-blonde hair is questionable, so painful to look at.
Who is cooler than Pat Kiernan?

Friday, September 16, 2011

FMF part two

I forgot some mems:

- when Evan put on the blue silk robe


- I love the cowboy!


- Evan's beautiful sign
- Danielle debating how to tell DJ Action she liked his haircut
- Rachel trying to read Matt's name tag (which said Rachel Cooper)
- Seeing a commercial for Star Wars
- Having the Time of My Life with Kristy. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
- Losing my phone (again) and the man cleaning up telling me to be more careful because I lost it 5 minutes before.
- Making Game Coordinator Nick sing with me

- Karaoke Dan. Always and forever.


- My Surprise!!

- Doing TLC justice with Matt

- WOLWSB, the team that loses, even at the bar apparently (I am not bitter)

- Pizza bagel!

dem mems

- WOLWSB sucks

- WOLWSB are not the champions

- If you let a fart out like that it's time to go home - Evan

- Singing "Time of my Life" with Lianne and dedicating it to Sha-nay and Sha-nay subsequently ignoring said dedication.

- Dr. Pepper shots!

- Danielle waving her hand in front of DJ Action's face and him ignoring it

- Evan's muscles

- WOLWSB even sucks at sucking

- Lianne losing her phone outside the bar (for the second time) and asking someone to call her. Then finding it in her bra.


-Telling Shane I didn't think much of him the first two months I knew him
-Cherish texting me to say she thought the lyrics to AC/DC's Dirty Deeds is "dirty deeds and the dunder cheat"
-Going to sleep spooning Georgie, waking up hours later and she was still there
-trying to prove I was not the farter by offering people to smell my butt
-Divya and Dan the Tan Karaoke Man harmonizing
-"We even suck at sucking"
-Contemplating why DJ Action even shows up when he plays the same mix every night

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look Ma, I'm Poeku'ing

For my first foray into poetry-blogging,
Hopefully I won't recieve a flogging.
But I just can't contain my love for my team,
Whom I love just as much as Boston Cream [donuts].

I wish it was Thursday today, right now,
So we could kick balls and make them go POW.
Instead I'm here at my desk late at work,
Dealing with agents who are being jerk[s].

But it's ok,
Because tomorrow's Wednesday.
And we know what day the day after that be,
It's Thursday, the day of WOLWSB!

[drops mic]

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another theme song??

Girls be creamin'
Bitches be schemin'
Wolwsb's on the prowl,
Yes, you best be believin'

(Bitch, where'd you get that bruise from)

All that tambourine playin'

Evan Parness and Stephane Adam Copyright 2011

top mems

- girls be creamin
- almost winning
- the karaoke guy complimenting my tambourine skills worth the bruises
- karaoke with Brian!
- I just really love the karaoke guy
- Deej was looooooking goooooood

Can't wait for favorite memory Sunday!


- DJ Action's red shirt
- Singing Robyn at karaoke
- When Karaoke man smiled at me. I wish I were as tan as him.
- Leah and I making friends over cheesy tots.
- Cheesy tots (please note: this is also a least favorite memory)
- Justin and his mooooooves

We are our own cheerleaders...obviously

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A weekend that lasted a million days

It's poeku Tuesday and it's really been a while
Since I've made a real attempt at a a poem that has some style
So this Tuesday I will tell you all a story
About a weekend that was oh so glory (ous).
It started on Friday night, as most weekends do.
And Lianne, Rachel and I just knew
That tonight was gonna be a good night
And we were totes right.
We were all over the place but the best part
We did karaoke with a French guy and tore the room apart
We got cheese fries at 7A
And then had a sleep over yayyyyyyyyyyy
The next morning called for a lot of, "What the hell did we do last night?"
And ess-a bagels were pretty tight (fact: we all have the same order).
People watching, sushi, and large beers were the next day
But the best part was seeing Faye!
Parents, pastrami, and matzoh ball soup...swoon.
that sums up my Sunday afternoon.
Most importantly there was skee ball, karaoke and a WVU win!!!
Let's go Mountaineers....I love West Virgin(ia).
(I should note that Rachel and Lianne still had not left each other's side. They went to Jersey for the day).
Monday we had a pool party planned at Matt's awesome pad.
Swimming, beer, and food makes me glad!!
So this weekend was basically the best ever.
I wish it would last forever and ever (i am aware this is not a rhyme).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Least favorite mems

I'm going to go ahead and do this..... my least favorite mems:

- when Shane admitted he has never seen the blog
- making the most awkward eye contact ever with DJ Action. It was awful.


- DJ Action Dance Party (not favorite DJ Action memory: no tweet requests?!)
- Killing it on BAWITABA
- Karaoke Dan knowing my name
- Singing Because I Got High with Rachel and her turning to me during the musical interlude to say that it's a depressing song
- Yet again, being the last one there and singing a song by myself with about 4 people in the audience, none of whom I know
- Game Coordinator Nick, obv
- The grilled cheese I made at 3am

top mems of the night

- tequilla shots!!! I love those things!
- my new pumped up kicks
- reminding people that Kid Rock exists
- the MVP- Red Shirt Dude! Man can that guy take a bow or what?
- Julie sharing the same hobby as Danielle and I!
- Party Rockin with Poppa Nick and Frankie Annor Jr.

fave mems of last night

1. Divya totally ruining my game. She told me to ask DJ Action to play Black and Yellow, and when I approached him to request it, turns out it had already played 2 songs before. Actually, that's my worst memory of last night. Thanks, Diva!

2. Tequila shots with Papa Nick. Kristy had to finish mine for me - I'm out of practice!

3. "singing" Bawitaba, or rather trying to catch up to the words on the screen. That was tough.


5. Our double header. Yeah right.

6. Game coordinator Nick. We're BFF.