kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, April 19, 2013

FMF - Pearly Squirrely's First Game Edition

  • Beep! and her adorable signs
  • The return of CHERISH (our favorite Hot Momma)!
  • Danielle's mad dance skillz
  • Shawn's booty shakin'
  • Rivers Cuomo
  • Stephane and AG attempting to explain 'twerking' 
  • David's Fan Club distracting him from his Reffing duties
  • Mike Marshall's superior kickballing
  • Our ridiculous excitement EVERY TIME WE SCORED


Still laughing about last night. Fav mems!:

  • Baby Pearl at the game
  • Baby Pearl being in the team photo
  • Baby Pearl playing flip cup
  • Almost winning our first game of the season, for a second there
  • I made it home twice! WOOOOO
  • Justin getting a ball to the balls (prob not a fav mem for him)
  • The opposing team constantly kicking the ball into their teammates
  • New friends!
  • Whisper chant for baby's ears
  • Pearl's jeggings and furry-hooded bubble jacket- what a thug!
  • Danielle's and tactic? Dance-off? Whatever it was it was hilarious
  • Divya catching me jammin on the subway on the way to the game
  • My people's music
  • Stephane leaving and coming back to the bar
  • Crazy first game night all around!

Friday, March 15, 2013

FMF - The Shane Birthday Edition

- Kristy's fanny pack
- My assist to Shawn's catch
- Winning!
- All things Ice Luge related, but especially:

  1. Getting ready to pour beer down the luge for Shane and Mike, but both of them being too busy in private dance parties to Kanye, for the whole song
  2. Pouring Red Bull vodkas down the luge for Beer Santa
  3. Pouring a shot down the luge very slowly for Shane, who was not happy about my speed
  4. Just pouring drinks down the luge in general 
- Forcing the photographer to take our pictures
- Doppelganger photo shoot
- Discovering that Diva and I gave our numbers to the same dude...ew 
- The call in the cab to Shane, who was apparently home but could not find his keys
- I love Drunk Birthday Shane

Fav Mems Friday

  • When I caught a ball
  • Shawn's dodges, throws, and cheers- so much jumping and midriff showing!
  • When Danielle accidentally held hands with that guy
  • When the other guy scared Danielle w/ his dancing
  • "I can get you some money"
  • The whole ice luge scene
  • Shane crawling under the couch
  • "Is this reggaeton?"
  • Justin and Ryan coming back to the bar around 1:30 am
  • Not-Lianne

Fave Mem Friday!

  • Girls beating boys.
  • Justin being referred to by the refs as The Gay Cowboy
  • Birthday Ice Luge Shots with Shane!
  • Popping Shawn’s motorboat cherry
  • “Feel my pulse! My heart’s beating so fast! I’m just SO EXCITED!”
  • Evan’s red pants
  • Lianne’s expert Luge-Master abilities
  • Ryan cheating on Survivor. Every time. And no one ever noticing.
  • Kristy’s sequin fanny pack
  • Drunk Shane!!!