kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, April 19, 2013


Still laughing about last night. Fav mems!:

  • Baby Pearl at the game
  • Baby Pearl being in the team photo
  • Baby Pearl playing flip cup
  • Almost winning our first game of the season, for a second there
  • I made it home twice! WOOOOO
  • Justin getting a ball to the balls (prob not a fav mem for him)
  • The opposing team constantly kicking the ball into their teammates
  • New friends!
  • Whisper chant for baby's ears
  • Pearl's jeggings and furry-hooded bubble jacket- what a thug!
  • Danielle's and tactic? Dance-off? Whatever it was it was hilarious
  • Divya catching me jammin on the subway on the way to the game
  • My people's music
  • Stephane leaving and coming back to the bar
  • Crazy first game night all around!

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