kings and queens of COURT B

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Memory Wednesday?

- Playing outfield against the refs, and therefore getting the best kickball-workout of my career
- Amy G's assist!
- When Kristy and Divya effectively burped me like an infant
- Seeing the pleasure Divya received from Heather's head massage
- Happy Diwali!
- Amy W's polka dots
- Evan's butt. I think the refs liked it too.
- Heather telling the Libation people to turn the lights down, repeatedly.
- Spending work today rediscovering the blog

- No more kickball until the Spring!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You heard it here

Today we made it in the news letter for winning for the first time in our three year tenure!

while the cheering and on-court musical stylings of Win or Lose, We Still Booze are undoubtedly Grammy material.

Friday, August 24, 2012


- last night feeling like the good old days
- Licking Shane
- being the last ones at the bar
- Lianne!
- Susie!
- i missed you last night b/c I puked - Evan

Friday, August 10, 2012


- Jeah-ing with Shan-ay
- Little lady Parness!
- Grumpy's appearance on the opposing team
- Ending two innings via mercy rule (in our favor!) And winning!
- Saleswoman Danielle - she represents her company so well.
- When Shawn got hit on by a girl.
- Divya's soft soft skin
- Danny Dance Party.


Another amazing Thursday gone. More amazing memories made:

- When Evan told us he and Cherish were having a lady!
- The way evan told us he and Cherish were having a lady
- When Danielle and saw that man stretching on our way to the bar
- When Danielle explained how we need to start quiet and build up when we cheer
- The fact that Justin was on a first date
- That girl who danced on that guy

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Kanye West wrote a song for Kim Kardashian called, 'Perfect Bitch'.

Friday, August 3, 2012

FMF, fab five style

In honor of the fab five, my FMF!
1. Catching a ball with my bum hand
2. Stephane's smart play that I didn't understand
3. The whole bar cheering for team USA
4. Gabby Douglass
5. Shawn's yellow ball hat fashion


So many favorite memories:

- Shawn's epic kick session where he popped a ball and ruined a woman's bouquet of flowers
- When chris pegged that guy
- #winning
- when Danielle kicked the ball with her knee
- when Evan got a bug bite
- Shawn's and my flipcup commentary
- Justin's flawless dance moves

Such a fun night last night!

Friday, June 1, 2012


- Jumping on Evan because we thought (preemptively) that we ended the streak
- Then actually ENDING THE STREAK!
- Steve's skillz on the court
- Evan and Cherish, models extraordinaire
- Mike's face tattoo
- Danielle's table dance
- Having blue lips all night
- Eating each other's candy necklaces. That's friendship.

- Showing off my tattoo and bragging to all my coworkers about how we won - they couldn't believe it.

faaavorite memory friday

Waking up this morning to find Steve's Timberlands on my floor.

Steve getting removed from the field


Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite memory time

  •  When David asked me who I love more, Notorious BIG or DJ Action
  • Doing a vodka shot with Evan at midnight for his birthday. Let me rephrase - Evan ordering 2 vodka shots, pouring half my shot into his shot glass, and then finishing what I left behind!

favorite birthday memories

  • Realizing Arnold was my mortal enemy

  • midnight shots w/ Rachel, followed by telling her she is my best friend in the world

  • Closing out libation

  • Saying (if I was gay) I would be "blessed" to date Shawn or Wes

  • Lianne, always Lianne

  • Morgan's playoff beard

Friday, May 18, 2012

When i showed my lovely coworker our blog..

His reaction:

     but my take away would be that you guys <3 each other


Jetpack Evan


My favorite mems are:

- when rachel fell (sorry)
- when the ball hit rachel in the mmhmmm (sorry)
- Balloons....nuff said
- when lianne divya and i said what we thought the emoji was emoting

I did not like when Morgan emailed that he was not going to the game!


- Evan's balloon outfit
- Teaching Divya how to tie a balloon. It took a while.
- Stranger: "Can I pop a balloon?" Evan: "These balloons belonged to my father."
- BALLOONS all around
- Almost winning
- Reenacting emojis, always
- Fried pizza and new friends

And from last week...
- K to Shawn: "I can't stop looking at your penis."


... The Rachel and Danielle Show, the video of which I have yet to figure out how to upload.


Friday, May 11, 2012

favorite memory tgi fridays

  • being the judge in a Shawn vs. Tali Butt Contest.  Tali won...but not by much
  • meaning to text Papa Nick and dialing the wrong #.  WOOPS!
  • Lianne's fielding skills

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Beatles Restaurant & Life Dream

Download The Menu

WOLWSB Nail Polish Line

Coming to a field near you! Courtesy of Amy and Rachel

Win or Lose, we still Blues
peach volleyball
Lime Up at the Plate
Crazy Chicken Shit 
Pitch black
Daisy doo da
MarOONed by Evan
Bud Light
Going Solo

Friday, April 27, 2012



FMF - david david david

I second all of the below...

And I just have to add it one more time... DAVID!

It's not possible to love a team any more than I do!

Oh, also we're over 20k views! When did that happen?!


1. Playing flip cup next to DAVID.
- We scored!
- Agent Orange watch
- Evan's ensemble, always 
- Holding hands with Kristy across the flip cup table
- Holding hands with Divya (on the dance floor?)
- Dance party - especially the Spice Girls part


My favorite memories from last night are...

- when Evan flashed the pitcher
- when Evan spit his gum out into the pitcher
- when Evan scooped his gum out of the pitcher with his hands
- when David hung out with us....all night
- when David did the body roll


and we're backkkkk! time I kick off favorite memory Friday! here's my list.


Thursday, March 8, 2012


Favorite memory....Thursday/?

- When I stole the horn
- When Justin had fire in his eyes after I stole said horn
- I actually did not like when Danielle gave the horn back but it was funny
- When Morgan told us he was signing up for kickball
- When Aaron said, "You are aware you signed up for the Varisty division of kickball?"
- Putting a "My name is Elizabeth" sticker on evan's back
- Finding Evan stumbling to the subway

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winners off the Court

Two huge shout outs for some Boozers!

Rachel...for getting into grad school. We salute you.

JAson...for getting a job. We salute you!

Congrats you two. We knew you could do it!