kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, February 22, 2013


- Even though I missed the game and didn't actually see them, Shawn's booty shorts
- Danielle's dance party. I love watching that girl move it
- When Evan told me I look like Fall
- The Beer Fairy (Beer Santa?)
- When Shane shared his Jello shot with me
- Justin's breakdancing, always
- Closing out Botanica with Ryan and Div

- at the beginning of our first game when the other team got all 5 balls and threw them at us simultaneously and we were like OH SHIT
- shawn's shorts
- when we finally won a game after 11 tries
- our benefactor tim buying us another 47 pitchers and jello shots
- shawn's shorts
- when I was eating pizza with lianne and it was 3:30am


Fav Mem Dodgy

We're back!

-the first time Shawn lept into the air and thought he mooned the whole other team
- the fact that we were able to lose 4 games of dodgy in about 5 min
- when Joe said, 'you giys, if that is how you're going to be then we've already defeated ourselves"
- when Justin did the worm move