kings and queens of COURT B

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"she's so lucky. she's a star..."

can you guess who i'm talking about?!  NOOO, it's not my girl BritBrit, it's KRISTY!!!!! action weekly named our very own captain, STAR OF THE WEEK!! check it out here!

Tuesday snoozeday

Can't you hear that boom boom boom boom it's Tuesday.
Not even close to Thursday.
boom boom boom boom got dat super bass.
Who wants to play corn hole tomorrow?
Might make Thursday come sooner!

for all the karaoke monsters out there

to keep in mind for Nevada Smith's this week:

My Majestic Return to Poeku Tuesdays

Woah, what the fuck shit?
Danny back on the blog
Cameo, right here

Work is killing me, you sluts
Spotify rocks, yo

Irene was a trip
And by trip, i mean, ate drugs
stay in school, kiddies

I ate some carrots
stomach hurts, oompa loompa
eyeballs off the hook

slap a bitch, you bitch
fuck shit up, you shit fuck bitch
profanity rules

I have a beard comb
You have a small flooded home
Too soon? oh well, sucka.

Lost my sweet shades, bro
Sun will melt my corneas
Hot white gooey slime

Get out of the gut(ter)
Divya, I'm talkin' to you
Every seven secs.

Kill me now, fair peeps
Is it six o'clock yet? ughh.
Till next time - bros & hoes.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't done one of these in ages!

- the Sharks vs. Jets rumble that happened on the court
- the look on Danielle's face when the girl came and took the second cheesy tot
- being within talking distance of DJ action
- surprise Zack Attack!
- Kristy shouting for me to "take it off" during Pour Some Sugar on Me


ahh FMF, here you are once again.  last night was awesome but this morning was brutal.  here are a few of my FM's

-ordering cheesy tots with divya
-having some random chick hovering over cheesy tots
-random chick asking for a cheesy tot
-same random chick coming back for a SECOND cheesy tot.  this time we didn't say she could...she just took it.
-divya telling dj action that he has a fan club :)

best mems

- Rachel texting me (from 5 feet away) 'What are your thoughts on a Win or Lose We Still Booze cruise?'
- Josh karaoking to Bust a Move
- Keith tried to pass out in the bar...again.
- Lianne getting a double play!
- Taking the greatest subway sign known to mankind.
- Singing, Big Balls
- ZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The earth is quakin'
Some felt the shakin'
I bought new glasses today

Boozers ain't flakin'
Their hearts are achin'
To get to the court this Thursday and PLAY!

such love

Friday, August 12, 2011


- Girls' powow in the bathroom
- Justin and my rendition of 'Patience,' which neither of us knew the words to
- Rachel and Divya's epic fall (sorry gals)
- Singing The Smiths onstage by myself after everyone had already left
- The general flirtatious tomfoolery of the night
- Finally partaking in the Dumpling Phenomenon


i arm wrestled last night. ummm, whaaaaaaattttt?

My favorite times

Best mems:

- Keith passed out on the floor of Nevada Smith's
- NINE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Sexy pics

it's friday

  • nudie sign pictures

  • Cherish knocking that girl on her ass

  • quote RC "I am not going to make out with you!"

  • Overhearing "he is like the most famous person in this league"

  • Julie's double

  • Justin trying to make out with everything breathing and subsequently getting knee-d in the kougel sack by the bar liasion


You celebrated your birthday playing kickball and flip cup. Was this fun for you?

This WAS fun for me...I think I can honestly say it was my favorite birthday of my adult life thus far. I am wearing my princess crown as we speak (no I'm not).

You are notorious for being clumsy. Can you tell us a funny falling story?

There has been many a good clumsy moment in my day, but I think I set the pace of my teenage/adult life on my first day of high school. The bell rang to go to the next class, the halls were crowded, and I fell going up the stairs. At least it was an all girls school and there were no boys to be embarassed in front of.

Or maybe the time I fell playing Red Rover and broke my arm.

Fact- you fell in last week's game and it got voted the "best moment" by your fellow WOLWSB teammates. Are you offended?

I'm only offended that it didn't make anyone's Favorite Memory Friday.

Sha-nay once told me he moved to NYC to be closer to you. How does this make you feel?

It makes me feel great, because what would I do without the many many sexytimes we have?

(Disclaimer: Shane and I do not actually do the sexytimes)

You work in publishing and read more than anyone I know. If there was a book about you what would it be called?

I Spilled Beer On My Shirt: The Lianne Schmidt Story

What would you call a book about WOLWSB?

The Art of Losing In Style: A Tale of Beer, Capes, and WOLWSB

What would you call a book about Jason?

Tough one. Maybe My Journey With The TARDIS: The Jason Weissman Story. Or, How To Make A Brick Wall Work For YOU!.

What's the best book you've read this week?

The best book I've read (some of) this week is Arguably, the book of Christopher Hitchens essays that comes out this Fall. THAT'S RIGHT, BE JEALOUS.

You wear the most dainty floral dresses. What is your favorite flower?

Floral dresses are my favorite. Lavender!

If you had your choice of DJ Action songs...what would your top pick be?


If you could go on a date with Han Solo or Simon Pegg...who would it be?

As much as I love Simon Pegg, I feel he would somehow not live up to my expectations. I know that there is no way Han Solo could not live up to my expectations, because he is Han Solo, so I choose him.

Chewbacca or R2D2?

Chewbacca, so he could carry me everywhere on his furry back.

Darth Vador or Voldemort?

Darth Vader (how dare you not spell it right, Kristy?), because there is good in him deep down. And his sexy voice.

Fred or George Weasley?

George, because I love me a man with only one ear.

Guess what's back!!!

MVP interviews are back ladies and gents!

This is your second season with WOLWSB. What made you come back?

Ice cream Sundaes, karaoke and a place to express my dance moves on Thursday's

You my friend, are a dancer. What is your favorite dancing show? So You Think You Can Dance? Dancing With the Stars?

Any show that embraces Bristol Palin as a celebrity cannot be a
favorite of mine I'm gonna have to go with "so you think you can

If you could dance with any celebrity who would it be and why?

This is a tough one since most of my dance moves have come of the
expense of fellow female kickers. But I'm gonna have to go with MJ,
collaboration at it's best

If you could dance with any member of WOLWSB who would it be and why?

Before last week this would have been difficult to to answer but I'm
gonna go with Danielle. Have you seen her moves, they might be
illegal in a few states

You are obviously a fan of the jumping picture! If you could be photographed jumping in fornt of anything anywhere where would it be?

I love jumping on mountains where the picture gets the appearance of
me flying. However I do have a sweet pic over the taj mahal!

things i ponder about on fridays...

i wonder if the bouncer knows that i dance on the couches every week even though i know he will just flash his flashlight in my face and tell me to get down...

Friday, August 5, 2011

FMF Cont'd

Hava Nagila at Nevada Smiths. They know how to party.


Oh where do i begin?

- Shan-a getting hit on by a tall drink of water
- David
- KARAOKE....always
- Dance party
- Rachel getting one step closer to her DJ
- Does the sausage egg mcmuffin i devoured this morning count?
- ummm does anyone else remember the lesbian make out sesh?


In no particular order:

- Karaoke
- Almost winning
- David
- DJ Action


my fave memory from last night:


The aftermath e mails

fact: I went to sleep in bed but somehow woke up on the couch

fact: taking the day off work due to current "health" status

fact: Evan is the star of the week

Fact: I lost my voice singing last night.

Fact: this short guy won last night

Fact: Above referenced short guy was spotted by me in cab with much taller woman walking down 3rd Ave

Fact: Shane is the greatest wing-man ever.

Fact: Party Rock was in the house last night

Fact: Shane is in fact the worlds greatest wingman

Fact: I'm hung over in the airport shuttle listening to MJ not sure
if I should pull my trigger or break dance

Fact: I invited DJ Action to karaoke last night.

fact: dj action was in my dreams last night

Fact: Danielle asked me if this morning if DJ Action came over last night.

Fact: I don't think Shanay will ever see all these nice things we're saying about him.

fact: we have probably set a record for saying "fact" the most times in an email.


Fact: BOTH Ev and I called out of work this morning due to severe headaches.

Fact #2: BOTH Ev and I passed out multiple times in the cab headed home from Pourhouse last night.

Fact #3: Lucky for us, my survival instinct prevented Evan from his usual drunk cooking on the stove when we got home. I made us a half box worth of froot loops to eat instead before we passed out.

Fact: David and I became BFF last night.

Party Rock

is in the house tonight!