kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, April 27, 2012



FMF - david david david

I second all of the below...

And I just have to add it one more time... DAVID!

It's not possible to love a team any more than I do!

Oh, also we're over 20k views! When did that happen?!


1. Playing flip cup next to DAVID.
- We scored!
- Agent Orange watch
- Evan's ensemble, always 
- Holding hands with Kristy across the flip cup table
- Holding hands with Divya (on the dance floor?)
- Dance party - especially the Spice Girls part


My favorite memories from last night are...

- when Evan flashed the pitcher
- when Evan spit his gum out into the pitcher
- when Evan scooped his gum out of the pitcher with his hands
- when David hung out with us....all night
- when David did the body roll


and we're backkkkk! time I kick off favorite memory Friday! here's my list.