kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, August 24, 2012


- last night feeling like the good old days
- Licking Shane
- being the last ones at the bar
- Lianne!
- Susie!
- i missed you last night b/c I puked - Evan

Friday, August 10, 2012


- Jeah-ing with Shan-ay
- Little lady Parness!
- Grumpy's appearance on the opposing team
- Ending two innings via mercy rule (in our favor!) And winning!
- Saleswoman Danielle - she represents her company so well.
- When Shawn got hit on by a girl.
- Divya's soft soft skin
- Danny Dance Party.


Another amazing Thursday gone. More amazing memories made:

- When Evan told us he and Cherish were having a lady!
- The way evan told us he and Cherish were having a lady
- When Danielle and saw that man stretching on our way to the bar
- When Danielle explained how we need to start quiet and build up when we cheer
- The fact that Justin was on a first date
- That girl who danced on that guy

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Kanye West wrote a song for Kim Kardashian called, 'Perfect Bitch'.

Friday, August 3, 2012

FMF, fab five style

In honor of the fab five, my FMF!
1. Catching a ball with my bum hand
2. Stephane's smart play that I didn't understand
3. The whole bar cheering for team USA
4. Gabby Douglass
5. Shawn's yellow ball hat fashion


So many favorite memories:

- Shawn's epic kick session where he popped a ball and ruined a woman's bouquet of flowers
- When chris pegged that guy
- #winning
- when Danielle kicked the ball with her knee
- when Evan got a bug bite
- Shawn's and my flipcup commentary
- Justin's flawless dance moves

Such a fun night last night!