kings and queens of COURT B

Friday, July 29, 2011


Let me start off by saying that last night was just weird.

- Telling Danielle she looked very Kate Moss like. Then she told me it was the nicest thing anyone has said to her.

- the guy with the split in his pants

- Getting a beer bath

- the guy with the split in his pants

- Everytime I looked over Danielle was dancing...adorable.

- the guy with the split in his pants



DJ Action in a Ghost Busters shirt. Enough said.

mem'ries gov'na

- changing Cherish's FB status to "I love Evan and his hot ween"
- Kristy, period.
- Sharing a cab with a nice indian boy, doing massive amounts of blow
- Cherish being told by some dude "you're better looking than him" - You can ask her how she responded to this suitor

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Donka do Balls

In my haste to find out what shirt color we are this season I looked on the site...for the 4th time today and noticed that there was a team named "Donka Do Balls". Right away I wanted to be best friends with the person who named that team...then I wanted to punch myself in the face for not thinking of it myself. Donka Do Balls is perhaps one of my favorite quotes in the world. It stems from the show "Over The Limit" on the beloved network of which I work. I have to sit for hours on end and watch the crap we air and once in a while, I come across a gem like the "Donka Do Balls" clip. I can not explain how amazing this clip is in I will present the clip itself to you all!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The team that is the third most fun in the opinion of NYCSSC


you know you've had too much to drink when...

These are your tweets at DJAction:

country grammar would be fantastix
sent at 10:13pm, not in English

I might fall in love w u if u play ghetto superstar
sent at 10:41pm, in English but absurd

weve established love. Now I Just for waterfalls. Pleaseeeeee
sent at 10:55pm, I no longer make any sense whatsoever.

best mems...a few days late

- the holy bible
- temp tats

the night is a little cloudy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mem time

Favorite memories:

- Tit tats
- DJ Action.
- Telling DJ Action that I love and lust him. Via twitter. Awkward.
- Spilling beer all over myself and Leonard because I thought Lianne was lifting up my skirt. Happy birthday Rachel!
- Philly cheesesteaks. Just kidding, I don't eat that.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

mom tattoos

What a day

Not only is today Ball Kick Thursday, it is also National Junk Food Day. Very appropriate I think, especially since Serious Eats counts Tater Tots (aka WOLWSB national food - if we were a nation) among the 16 ways to celebrate!

Monday, July 18, 2011

you'll never know how high i can fly

As seen on Action Weekly

Evan from Win or Lose We Still Booze decided on his way over to the courts he needed a belt of balloons to match his team's colors, so he stopped in a local $.99 store to add to his usual fabulous fashion accessories seen in the photo.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Auto Response

I sent Shahnay an email this morning. This is what I got in response:

"I am currently out of the office and will return on Friday, 12/24/10."

Not only was that nearly 7 months ago, but why would you return to the office on Christmas eve?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

just your every day wolwsb e mail

Hi , sorry to sound so cheap but can someone let me borrow two safety pins for my cape . I tried askin at a couple bodegas but no luck. Thanks .

Sent from my iPhoner

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Rhyme day

There is nothing in this world I would rather kick then a big red ball
There is not tea I would rather be part of then WOLWSB....the best of them all
There is no league better then NYCSSC
There is no place I would rather play than Court B

Friday, July 8, 2011

Favorite memories

- ice cream sundaes and french fries courtesy of Justin
- thinking that Josh was an Indian man when he came into the bar
- shots with FaFa
- shots with Jason
- Evan's shock when I recognized his butt. Seriously, nobody else ever pulls down their pants.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

All Together Now (Homeless Beatles Songs)

everyone chime in- from a late night & inspired by a radio convo. beatles songs for those who live here, there & everywhere
  • we all live on a yellow bench in queens
  • she's got a ticket for a littering
  • i wanna hold your bus pass
  • "will ya still need me, will ya still feed me, when I'm broke & poor"
  • "i wet my pants today, oh boy"
  • while my mother gently weeps
  • mother nature's bum
  • "boyyyyy, you're gonna carry that can"
  • Can't buy me lunch
  • I've got no ticket to ride
  • happiness is a warm grate
  • won't you please feed me
  • let me pee...on the train
  • lucy in the diamonds
  • all you need is lunch
  • the long & winding road to your garbage can
  • something in the way she mooches
  • "instant shwarma's gonna get you"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A conversation in poetry

Jason: i have a haiku for you
i miss rachel, now
what is she up to these days
i hope she's happy

Rachel: jason likes to run
i hope he's never injured
run run jason, RUN!

Kickballing, kicks butt
not on the field, in the bar
full cup flip cup, yay!

Drinking games can be fun
when you want to drink beer by the ton
i love to play beer pong
when i've been drinking long
but for my money flip cup's number one.

Rachel: there once was a team called wolwsb / scoring runs wasn't their forte / but at the bar, when beer wasn't far / they'd be flipping cups like fully monty

Jason: i want a puppy
Rachel: as long as it is fluffy
Jason: but i cant keep one

Jason: tuesday is okay
Rachel: only 'cause im a poet
Jason: still love thursdays more

Circumsize This!

WOLWSB is a team that does Booze,
And at kickball they always do lose,
Still, other teams are the shittiest,
While our girls are the prettiest,
Even though they're pretty much all Jews.

Friday, July 1, 2011

mems are for me

  • Rick motorboating the balloons

  • (in dollar store to girl) "oh, are you also purchasing a belt of balloons"

  • near broken nose during game, but still made the double play

  • nearly tripping, but still made another double play (suck it?)

  • hearing that my teammates were karaoke-ing until 4am

  • Kristy scolding the red team ("he worked hard on his balloon belt! Go apologize!")


- Playing one of our best games in a while, even though we still lost
- Evan's balloons
- Kindergarten-teacher-Kristy scolding RED for popping Evan's balloons
- Also the tree surgeon exchange. What?
- White pizza with boozers after, even though I missed out on karaoke and a sleepover party


Best mems:

- Rick motor boating Evan's balloons
- Me: Do you work out?
Boy: No...I'm a tree surgeon
long pause
Me: Why do you need to operate on trees?