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Friday, March 15, 2013

FMF - The Shane Birthday Edition

- Kristy's fanny pack
- My assist to Shawn's catch
- Winning!
- All things Ice Luge related, but especially:

  1. Getting ready to pour beer down the luge for Shane and Mike, but both of them being too busy in private dance parties to Kanye, for the whole song
  2. Pouring Red Bull vodkas down the luge for Beer Santa
  3. Pouring a shot down the luge very slowly for Shane, who was not happy about my speed
  4. Just pouring drinks down the luge in general 
- Forcing the photographer to take our pictures
- Doppelganger photo shoot
- Discovering that Diva and I gave our numbers to the same dude...ew 
- The call in the cab to Shane, who was apparently home but could not find his keys
- I love Drunk Birthday Shane

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